"I ordered 500 aged heath insurance leads and got 3 sales already in the first week 
and that was with me manually dialing the phone numbers myself.  Plus I have other candidates that I have spoke to who I feel I will get as clients, so I know I will make additional sales from this initial order.  I am ordering 1000 leads with my next order".

Ryan C., Florida insurance agent


"In regards to my wife, she is licensed and she has never worked off a script…she is excellent in what she does – about 22-25 applications per month working aged health insurance leads.  She gets a lot of referral business working the leads and she really enjoys using a predictive dialer to make the calls".

Mark G., Florida insurance agent


"I've always done well with Stellar Prospects.  I was one of those agents losing money on "real time" leads, and being newly independent with a shortage of discretionary income, I could not afford this kind of thing. I've found on average, I write at least 2-3 apps each time I order 100 leads, which is usually 3 to 4 times of my ROI ($150). I would encourage anyone willing to put the time in on the phone to give them a try".
Agent post from insurance forum


I've bought leads from 10 different real time lead companies paying as much as $8 a lead and made zero sales but with your aged leads I'm averaging 6 to 7 life sales per 100 leads.  You are the best lead deal out there.  
Larry D., Florida life insurance agent

Hi, I just wanted to let you guys knows how well I am doing with the aged life leads.  I've been working these leads and have been closing 1 out of 20 leads.  I used to buy real time life leads but the problem was I was paying premium dollar for a lead that being beat up that same day by multiple agents.  I find I have better luck with the aged leads and get a greater return on investment with them.  Plus I don't spend any more hours working the aged leads than I did when I was buying real time leads.
Antonio S., Georgia life insurance agent


"Well it’s been about 3 weeks now that I started marketing Health Insurance…..and I just want to share with you an interesting observation and results so far….

Because this a new market for me and knowing for the most part this market is heavily driven by lead generated services from the internet; I decided to test 3 different leads sources to see which would give me the most traction to kick off my efforts. My game plan was to use 3 different lead sources that each specialized in 3 different types of leads: I spend $200 each for Exclusive Real Time Leads; $200 for Shared Leads; and $200 for Aged Leads from Stellar Prospects.

The results; I have submitted about $20,000 in business so far in 3 weeks; about 90% of which has been generated from the Aged Leads form Stellar Prospects. In addition; it’s important to note; that nearly all of the leads from the other 2 sources have not and will not develop into opportunities to generate income; because they have either already purchased from another agent (before I even had a chance to call them!!!) or indicated they were not really interested in doing anything and didn’t want to receive any more calls (these folks said they have been overwhelmed with agents calling them….they are burnt out)…

90% of my business from a $200 investment…that’s an impressive ROI……"

Al D., Connecticut health insurance agent

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