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Stellar Prospects specializes in insurance leads, specifically internet insurance leads also known as online insurance leads.  When it comes to aged leads we refuse to be undersold.  If you find a price cheaper anywhere else on aged leads, we will beat it.  

We sell internet insurance leads that are 24 hours old, 3 to 90 days old, 91+ days old, etc.  These aged leads include aged life insurance leads, aged health insurance leads, aged auto insurance leads, homeowner insurance leads, final expense insurance leads, Medicare supplement insurance leads, uninsurable health insurance leads, Spanish insurance leads, etc.

  Why Many Insurance Agents Prefer Aged Leads Over Real Time Leads

One reason why many insurance agents prefer aged leads, when it comes to online insurance leads, is price.  You can buy aged insurance leads at considerably lower prices than you can real time insurance leads.  The ROI is much higher with aged leads.

The second reason insurance agents prefer aged leads is because with the shared real time insurance leads all the agents who bought the lead are racing to try to reach the client first to sell them a policy, usually calling the prospects several times a day during the first week of the prospects inquiry.  Most agents who buy real time leads usually stop calling on the lead within two weeks so these make great prospects to call later as an aged lead when most if not all the competition has disappeared.  So this is a big reason many agents prefer aged leads.

We've seen agents, who hated paying top dollar for shared real time insurance leads that were being bombarded heavily that first week or two with phone calls from muliple agents, buy these internet insurance leads as aged leads and do very well picking up business that other agents missed.

The third reason and definately the most important reason is that a lot of these agents who were losing money with real time insurance leads say they are making good money with these online insurance leads when they buy them as aged leads.

If you need insurance leads from a specific state, we sell the following:

Alabama Insurance Leads, Alaska Insurance Leads, Arizona Insurance Leads, Arkansas Insurance Leads, California Insurance Leads, Colorado Insurance Leads, Connecticut Insurance Leads, Delaware Insurance Leads, Florida Insurance Leads,
Georgia Insurance Leads, Hawaii Insurance Leads, Idaho Insurance Leads, Illinois Insurance Leads, Indiana Insurance Leads, Iowa Insurance Leads, Kansas Insurance Leads, Kentucky Insurance Leads, Louisiana Insurance Leads, Maine Insurance leads, Maryland Insurance Leads, Massachusetts Insurance leads,
Michigan Insurance Leads, Minnesota Insurance Leads, Mississippi Insurance Leads, Missouri Insurance Leads, Montana Insurance Leads, Nebraska Insurance Leads, Nevada Insurance Leads, New Hampshire Insurance Leads, New Jersey Insurance Leads, New Mexico Insurance Leads, New York Insurance Leads, North Carolina Insurance Leads, North Dakota Insurance Leads, Ohio Insurance Leads,
Oklahoma Insurance Leads, Oregon Insurance Leads, Pennsylvania Insurance Leads, Rhode Island Insurance Leads, South Carolina Insurance Leads, South Dakota Insurance Leads, Tennessee Insurance Leads, Texas Insurance Leads, 
Utah Insurance Leads, Vermont Insurance Leads, Virginia Insurance Leads, 
Washington Insurance Leads, Washington D.C Insurance Leads, West Virginia Insurance Leads, Wisconsin Insurance Leads, Wyoming Insurance Leads.

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