Aged Health Insurance Leads              

With the commission changes in the health insurance industry due to health reform, health insurance agents need every advantage they can get to try to maximize their income.  Finding insurance leads that provide a great return on investment is critical.  Aged health insurance leads provide agents with prospects that went online looking for health insurance quotes.  

These aged health insurance leads are 3 to 90 days old and are a great alternative to real time internet insurance leads that sell for $7, $8, etc per lead.
Aged health insurance leads are sold at significantly lower prices allowing an agent a greater ROI.

Not only do aged health insurance leads offer a greater ROI than real time leads
they also provide agents with leads that are no longer being bombarded with calls from 10 different agents in one day.  The reason for this is because when a new lead is sold as a shared internet insurance lead it sold to several agents in one day who are racing to try to reach the prospect first so they will call several times the day they get the lead and several times each day over the next few days.  Some agents will even call into the second week but in most cases after that the agents move on the next batch real time leads they have received.

When calling on aged health insurance leads usually most of the competitors have disappeared so an insurance agent is able to pick up business that other agents did not get and are able to get some prospects to switch carriers because of better benefits, price, etc.

To learn how to effectively work aged health insurance leads be sure to request the recorded webinars we have available for free on our Aged Insurance Leads Info Request Form.

The following are two webinars you will want to request that were done by a health insurance agent who generates an incredible amount of sales working aged health insurance leads:

1. Recorded Webinar & Blog Of Agent Sharing How He Does $60,000 AV Per Week With Aged Health Insurance Leads
2. Ethan Selph's Recorded Webinar on Drip Email Marketing For Insurance Agents

When it comes to aged health insurance leads prices we will beat anyone's prices.  In fact we will beat any competitor's prices on any of the aged leads that we sell.  We refuse to be undersold, so if you find a price lower than ours we will beat it.

Aged Health Insurance Leads Pricing

Aged health insurance leads 3 to 90 days old of people who searched for health insurance quotes on the internet and filled out an online form to get quotes.  $1.00 each for orders of 100 leads, 95 cents each for orders of 200 leads, 90 cents each for orders of 300 leads, 85 cents each for orders of 400 leads, 80 cents each for orders of 500 leads, 75 cents each for orders of 600 leads.  

Aged Health Insurance Leads Online Ordering

Aged Health Leads
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