Aged Life Insurance Leads

When it comes to finding prospects for life insurance what better prospects than those who are looking for life insurance.  The only problem is if you are buying real time shared internet insurance leads is that you are having to pay a premium for those leads of $12, $15, etc for a lead that is being bombarded by several life insurance agents as a new lead.  

These online life insurance leads are called many times by each agent who was sold the lead that first week as they try to recoup their investment in the leads.
Some of these agents will even call on the prospects for a second week but after that most agents will not continue calling on those life insurance leads.

This is where aged life insurance leads can be a great benefit to an agent.  When an agent buys aged life insurance leads that are 3 to 90 days old they are able to get these same internet insurance leads that other agents paid $12 or more for at a fraction of the cost now that they are aged life insurance leads.  Plus when an agent calls on a lead after the first couple of weeks of their inquiry they are in many cases the only agent calling on them now.  This allows an insurance agent to pick up clients that were missed by the other agents.

To learn how to effectively work aged life insurance leads be sure to request the recorded webinars and teleconferences by visiting our Aged Insurance Leads Info
Request Form.  

You will want to request the following two recordings that were done by an insurance agent who shares his strategies on how to successfully make sales working aged life insurance leads:

1. Recorded Webinar On How To Make 6 Figures A Year Working Aged Leads
2. Recorded Teleconference Of Agent Sharing How To Make A Sale A Day With Aged Life Insurance Leads

You can order aged life insurance leads either online below or over the phone by calling 813-994-8874. refuses to be undersold, so we will Will Beat Any Competitor's Prices On Insurance Leads!  If you find a price lower elsewhere, we will beat it on both the small quantities that we have listed on our site and on large orders of thousands of leads.  If interested in buying thousands of leads at a time, contact us for pricing. 

Aged Life Insurance Leads Pricing

Aged life insurance leads 3 to 90 days old of people who searched for life insurance quotes on the internet and filled out an online form to get quotes.  $1.50 each for orders of 100 leads, $1.40 each for orders of 200 leads, $1.30 each for orders of 300 leads,  $1.20 each for orders of 400 leads, $1.10 each for orders of 500 leads, $1.00 each for orders of 600 leads.

Aged Life Insurance Leads Online Ordering

Aged Life Leads
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