Aged Auto Insurance Leads

When looking for auto insurance prospects, what better prospect could there be than a person who is actually looking for auto insurance?  When it comes to internet insurance leads this is not always the case if you are having to pay $8, $10, etc for a shared real time lead that is being sold to mulitiple agents.

Prospects who filled out their information online to get an auto insurance quote from an internet insurance leads vendor are typically bombarded with calls by agents who are racing to try to sell the client before another agent does that first day and throughout the week.  Usually the prospect is swamped with calls that first week and some continue to get calls into the second week before the calls start to subside.

The solution to paying a premium for real time insurance leads that are being solicited by muliple agents is to buy aged auto insurance leads when most if not all your competition has disappeared.  Plus an additional great benefit to using aged auto insurance leads is being able to buy them at greatly reduced prices when compared to the cost of real time auto insurance leads.

When calling on aged auto insurance leads you are able to pick up clients that other auto insurance agents missed.

You can order aged auto insurance leads either by calling us at 813-994-8874 or by ordering online below.  We will beat any competitor's prices on aged auto insurance leads.  In fact we we beat anyone's prices on any of the aged insurance leads that we sell.  We refuse to undersold, so if you find a price lower than our, we will beat the price.  This goes for both small orders and large quantity orders of thousands of leads.

Aged Auto Insurance Leads Pricing

Aged auto insurance leads 3 to 90 days old of people who searched for auto insurance quotes on the internet and filled out an online form to get quotes.  $1.00 each for orders of 100 leads, 95 cents each for orders of 200 leads, 90 cents each for orders of 300 leads, 85 cents each for orders of 400 leads, 80 cents each for orders of 500 leads, 75 cents each for orders of 600 leads.

Aged Auto Insurance Leads Online Ordering

Aged Auto Leads
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You can buy insurance leads in all 50 states.  In fact, we sell insurance leads to insurance agents all over the country.  Besides the aged auto insurance leads we sell on this page, we also sell other internet insurance leads including aged health insurance leads, aged life insurance leads, homeowner insurance leads, Medicare supplement insurance leads, final expense insurance leads, uninsurable health insurance leads, Spanish insurance leads, etc. 

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