Turn Your Leads Into Clients!

Our recommended drip email marketing company is the key to obtain more sales throughout the year through multiple touches to prospects and clients. 

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As you know, insurance sales are about one thing: leads.  If you don't have an automated way to reach these leads throughout the year you are losing sales.  No matter how you gather leads, our recommended email marketing service equips you with the ability to make the most of these leads and convert them into sales. 

Not only is prospecting for new clients essential to your success but client retention and cross selling is also essential to seeing increased revenue.  Our recommended email marketing service will increase the return on each lead by maintaining your clients after the initial sale, resulting in more renewals and client retention.

With our recommended email service you can set up automated scheduled sequential emails to be sent to prospects and clients weekly, monthly or whatever time frame you want.  Send out not only emails about what you sell but also send out emails throughout the year to wish them a happy birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, President's Day etc.  When your prospects think of insurance they'll think of you with these type of multiple touches throughout the year.

You can use drip email marketing campaigns for the aged insurance leads we sell that includes aged health insurance leads, aged life insurance leads, aged auto insurance leads, aged homeowners leads and aged Medicare supplement leads. 

Our Recommended Email Marketing Service Performs These Tasks for Producers:

  • Stores all of a prospect's information from online leads, website leads, data entry of prospects, and importing of spreadsheets.
  • Automatically Assign Leads to Producers
  • Customizable Auto Responders
  • Record all Notes
  • Attach all Document
  • Set Reminders
  • Easy Email Correspondence Tracking
  • Date Stamp, Time Stamp and User Stamping all Activity
  • Remote Notifications of Appointments
  • Report and Track the productivity of lead providers, producers and entire agency.

NO Downloads! NO Maintenance! NO Hassles!

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