Our recommended insurance CRM is the perfect contact management program for the insurance professional.  Why pay a monthly fee for a CRM when you can get this one specifically designed for the insurance profession for a surprising low price and you only pay once, not every month.  

If you would like a FREE full featured DEMO of this insurance CRM and to get more info on pricing, etc simply fill out the Stellar Prospects' aged insurance leads info request form and check off that you would like to get more info on the insurance CRM and the FREE DEMO.

Here are some of the features of this insurance CRM:

Designed specifically for Life and Health Producers.

"Your Insurance Office" is the only program that has been specifically designed by successful agents who sell Life and Health products.  If you are licensed to sell Life and Health Insurance or run an L&H insurance agency then you need "Your Insurance Office".  It will enable you to take your success to the next level.
Technical Support.
The purchase price includes Unlimited, Toll-Free Phone support. Unlike other programs that only offer free support after you purchase an expensive contract with them, support for "Your Insurance Office" is totally free and unlimited. There are no additional fees to pay or contracts to purchase.
If you can use a mouse and a keyboard then...
You will be able to begin working in the program as soon as you load it. "Your Insurance Office" has been designed to be "point and click".  It isn't necessary to spend hours or days learning how to work in the program or have to spend hundreds of dollars to pay for training classes or additional software.  If you have questions the answers are as close and quick as making a toll-free phone call to our Support Center.  
Compute your commission on each sale.  
When you enter the percent of commission the program automatically converts the premium amount to dollars earned.  A commission report can be printed for a single agent or all agents in the database for any range of dates selected.
See your business and personal appointments and tasks when you open the program.  
The calendar in the Main Menu allows you to enter and displays personal appointments and tasks as well as showing all of your business appointments. You no longer have to keep several calendars. All appointments and tasks for the current date are identified by a red dot. 
Send E-mail directly from the Client or Prospect's record.
Next to the E-mail field is a button that, when clicked on, brings up an e-mail screen with the persons e-mail address already in the "Send To" field
Send letters and information to groups of Clients or Prospects.
"Your Insurance Office" has a built in Mail Merge function.  All you have to do is type the body of the letter, identify the people you want the letter to go to and click Print.  The program automatically enters the current date, the inside address, salutation and complementary close.  It also prints labels for the letters you are sending.  This data can be exported to Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel.
Independent agents.  Track the business you write for each company you represent.
An "Agent Company Report" can be printed for each company you represent showing the policies you have written for that company and the status of those policies.  The report can be printed for any period of time selected.
User Defined Fields (UDF) allow you to customize the program.
There are five UDF in v4.0. Three are in the Clients database and two in the Prospects database. You can change the titles/names of these fields and use them for any helpful information. 
Tracks multiple agents.
Any number of agents can be added to both the Client and Prospect databases.  Independent agents can enter their agent number for each company they represent.  Managers can enter their entire sales force and easily follow the progress of each agent using the many reports available.

Renewal Date Report.
The program is designed to automatically enter a Renewal Date when the Effective Date of the policy is entered.  The default renewal date is set to be eleven months after the Effective Date.  The default date can be changed if desired.  A "Renewal Data Report" can also be printed for any range of dates selected showing all of the policies that need to be renewed during the period of time you select. 

Add additional policies to Client's record.
At the bottom of the Clients Database is a button titled "Add Additioinal Policy".  Every time you click on that button a new record is created for that person.  The newly created record will have all of the client's pertinent information. 
Keep track of group policies by the Group Company Name.
Each record in the Clients database has a "Group Company" field so the agent can easily identify that client as a member of a certain group.  A "Group Company Report" can also be printed showing each person in that group who has purchased a policy.
The Client and Prospect databases and reports are color coded for easy identification.
The Client database is Green and all reports printed from that database have a Green line at the top and bottom.  The Prospects database and reports are color coded Blue and have a Blue line at the top and bottom of the report.  You will be able to tell at a glance if a report is from the Clients database or the Prospects database.  See Screen Shots for samples of reports. 

Export data to other programs.
All of the data in both the Client and Prospect databases, except the information in the Comment box, can be exported to other programs. The program is setup to export data in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.

Find the Client or Prospect's complete record instantly with they call.
Using the "Quick Find" feature at the top of the screen in the databases and Main Menu, you can have the persons complete record instantly  in front of you before you finish saying hello to them when they call. 

Never again lose a lead or miss a sale.
You will have a permanent, easy to locate record of every lead.  Using the various reports, leads can be easily organized to insure you are working efficiently.  Lead Cards can also be printed from the Prospects database. 
Find the Client or Prospect's complete record instantly with they call.
Using the "Quick Find" feature at the top of the screen in the databases and Main Menu, you can have the persons complete record instantly  in front of you before you finish saying hello to them when they call. 
Filter / Sort functions.
Filtering / Sorting specific data in the Client, Prospect or Archive databases is as simple as a couple of clicks of the mouse button.

Archive database.
This is a special database for Clients who have cancelled or Prospects who may not currently be qualified buyers.  Each record in the Archive database is identified as either a former Client or Prospect.  Any record in the Archive database can be moved to either the Client or Prospect database by simply clicking on the appropriate button. 
Detailed reports help you track sales and organize leads.
A number of detailed reports can be printed from both the Client and Prospect databases.  (See Screen Shot of Main Menu.)  All of the reports provide additional valuable information to enable you to work more efficiently.  Reports also identify if a policy is still in force.  (See the Reports section of the User Guide for detailed information about each report.) 
Easily send birthday cards using the Client "B-day Report".
The Client B-day Report shows the date of birth, full name, address and phone number as well as the type of policy they have.  The report also prints special mailing labels that have the persons day of birth printed in light gray in the upper right hand portion of the label.  This allows you to sign, seal and stamp all of the cards ahead of time for the month and then mail them out just a few days before the client's birthday.
Client and Prospect's current age is always displayed.
The persons current age is shown next to the Birthday field in all three databases.  The number always reflects their current age and changes each time they have a birthday.  You will no longer have to try to figure out how old they are, their current age can be seen at a glance.
Annualized Premium report.
This report can be printed for an individual agent or all agents in the database for any range of dates you select. It also totals the annualized premium for the selected period of time for each agent. If a policy has cancelled the annualized premium amount will be shown as zero. 

Managers can easily assess an agents performance and track the leads given to agents.
The majority of the reports from the Clients database will print a report for one agent in the database or all agents in the database.  There are also fields in the Prospects database for the manager to enter the agent a lead was given to, the date the lead was given to that agent and the date the agent returned the lead.  An agent lead report can be printed showing the leads given to a single agent or to all agents in the database for the period of time selected.  The report also shows the status of each lead. If you run an insurance agency, this feature will be very helpful. 

A Network version of the program available.
The Network Version allows multiple users to access the data simultaneously.

Date/Time stamp on all entries made in the Comment box.
Every time you make a new entry in the Comment box the date and time will automatically appear above that entry. You will no longer have to wonder when that entry was made or enter the date yourself. (This feature can also be turned off.) 

Syncing to your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).
Once you have exported your data, appointments and tasks to Outlook you can easily sync that information to your PDA. Your contacts will be identified as YIO C- followed by their last and first name for Clients and YIO P- for Prospects. This keeps your personal contacts separate from your business contacts and separates Clients from Prospects. When you open an appointment in the calendar all of the information in the Comment box is also show.
Export selected Client and Prospect data, Appointments and Tasks to Outlook.
Specific data from the Client and Prospect databases and all appointments and tasks can be exported to Outlook with the click of a button on the Main Menu. 
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